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IDS Delivers Web CCaR v2.4!

El Segundo, CA: March 7, 2013 IDS delivered version 2.4 of Web CCaR (the Comprehensive Cost and Requirement System); the latest version of the leading requirement management software used by numerous government agencies and organizations. As always the latest CCaR version expands upon the abilities of the previous version with compelling new features tailored to our clients’ needs.

CCaR offers government agencies the ability to manage program requirements, projects and financial information across multiple fiscal years and various stages down to the organization’s individual requirement level.

CCaR provides an array of reports, tools and charts to meet nearly any reporting need as well as a broad number of interfaces built to share financial data with other government systems. CCaR also includes an advanced permissions system to ensure data at various levels is viewed or manipulated only by authorized users.

Notable CCaR users include the United State Air Force, Army, and Navy, DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency and MDA (Missile Defense Agency). CCaR has been certified as the preferred financial management tool for the Air Force since 2005.

The New Version of CCaR includes:  

For a complete list of features contact IDS to receive the Version Description Document v2.4.0.0.

About Integrated Data Services, Inc. (IDS) - IDS was founded in September 1997. The company's first contract was to provide software development support for an Oracle-based financial application for the United States Air Force. Since that time, IDS has seen remarkable growth, and now provides both software development and technical consulting support to a variety of government and commercial customers.

IDS provides a number of software products, including the flagship tool CCaR (Comprehensive Cost and Requirement System), Executive CCaR, and Web CCaR. IDS also provides services to government clients including software development, financial management consulting and reconciliation support, database administration and IT support.

For more information about IDS, go to www.get-integrated.com.       


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